• Me with Hacker (while still in the Kitten class) at a show

    Hacker at Somali Cat club show 2023, thanks to show photographer Joanna Hymas

    Based near Morpeth, Northumberland. I previously bred Norwegian Forest Cats, and now Somali/Abyssinian. One of the oldest breeds of the domestic cat is from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. When in full coat, they are quite fox-like.

    My aim is to continue the breed and showcase them on the show bench, that said still most kittens go to pet homes so temperament is extremely important.

    They come in several colours but only in the ticked tabby pattern. I focus on Wild/Ruddy/Usual which is genetically Black ticked tabby, the dilute of that which is Blue ticked tabby but will also have kittens available in other colours.

    They are are super curious about everything going on in the house, they are there every time you open a door or cupboard. They greet you at the door, remind you it’s dinner time and love to curl up next to you on the sofa or bed. They like to follow you around the house and “help” when you doing things.

    They have mad half hours, where they chase one another through the house, they are good jumpers and climbers but like all cats, their favourite thing to do is sleep.

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