• Me with Hacker at Molton

    Based near Morpeth, Northumberland. I previously bred Norwegian Forest Cats for almost 20 years, last year I started with Somali’s. The longhaired version of the Abyssian which is one of the oldest breeds of cat, from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. When in winter coat, they are quite fox-like in appearance. They come in several colours but only in the ticked tabby pattern.

    Somali’s are super curious of everything going on in the house, they are there every time you open a door or cupboard. They greet you at the door, remind you it’s dinner time and love to curl up next to you on the sofa or bed.

    They do have mad half hours, where they chase one another through the house, they are good jumpers and climbers but like all cats, their favourate thing to do is sleep.

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